The Washington Times - August 17, 2008, 09:32AM

First off, let this count as an apology for not doing this last week. But the drive back and forth to Charlottesville zapped six hours from my day, and a statistical breakdown fell through the cracks.

That said, if this is welcome, just wait until the regular season starts. A Sunday rundown of all sorts of trends will be debuting in another two weeks.


Also, the teams included in this are approximations, especially later in the scrimmage. Ralph mixed up some things toward the end, and my numbers might not completely match the stats released by Maryland, but it all comes out in the wash.

Here goes, and feel free to discuss. My format pretty much explains itself:

DRIVE 1: Starts at own 30, 1s (offense) vs. 2s. 4 plays, -11 yards. Steffy: 0-1, sack. RESULT: Punt.

DRIVE 2: Starts at own 44. 2s vs. 1s. 7 plays, 31 yards. Turner: 1-3, 24 yards. RESULT: Egekeze 42 FG.

DRIVE 3: Starts at own 25. 1s vs. 2s. 10 plays, 48 yards. Portis: 0-3. Scott: 5-39. RESULT: Egekeze missed FG (45).

DRIVE 4: Starts at own 35. 2s vs. 1s. 4 plays, 5 yards. Steffy: 2-2, 7 yards. RESULT: Punt (with 25-yard return for Oquendo), as well as the first noticeable bellow from coaches’ booth from James Franklin, “You didn’t block anybody. Block at least one person.”

DRIVE 5: Starts at own 34. 1s vs. 2s. 11 plays, 57 yards. Turner: 3-5, 33 yards. Meggett: 5-19. RESULT: Egekeze 27 FG.

DRIVE 6: Starts at own 35. 2s vs. 1s. 2 plays, 65 yards. Portis: 1-1, 63 yards, TD. RESULT: Portis short pass to slot receiver Tyler, who weaves through the defense for a 63-yard TD.

DRIVE 7: Starts at own 39. 3s vs. 3s. 6 plays, 12 yards. Robinson: 1-2, 9 yards, sack. RESULT: Punt, with a 17-yard return for Tate.

DRIVE 8: Starts at own 25. 1s vs. 1s. 2 plays, 75 yards. Steffy: two handoffs. RESULT: Meggett 1-yard TD run after 74-yard gallop.

DRIVE 9: Starts at own 43. 3s vs. 3s. 6 plays, 18 yards. Robinson: 2-3, 15 yards. RESULT: Downs.

DRIVE 10: Starts at own 39. 1s vs. 1s. 4 plays, 9 yards. Steffy: 2-3, 14 yards. RESULT: Punt.

DRIVE 11: Starts at own 20. 2s vs. 2s. 4 plays, 49 yards. Turner: 3-4, 65 yards, INT. RESULT: Turner intercepted by Tate with no one all that nearby.

DRIVE 12: Starts at own 44. 1s vs. 1s. 5 plays, 9 yards. Portis: 1-1, 19 yards, fumbled snap, sack. RESULT: Punt.

DRIVE 13: Starts at own 17. 1s vs. 1s. 5 plays, 16 yards. Steffy: 3-3, 18 yards, sack. RESULT: Punt (with Wiseman 12-yard return)

DRIVE 14: Starts at own 36. 1s vs. 1s. 8 plays, 20 yards. Turner: 1-5, 3 yards. RESULT: Halftime.

DRIVE 15: Starts at own 23. 2s vs. 3s. 4 plays, 3 yards. Portis: 0-1. RESULT: Punt.

DRIVE 16: Starts at own 41. 3s vs. 3s. 8 plays, 29 yards. Robinson: 2-4, 24 yards. RESULT: Egekeze 47 FG.

DRIVE 17: Starts at own 40. 2s vs. 1s. 4 plays, -1 yard. Steffy: sack. RESULT: Punt

DRIVE 18: Starts at own 25. 1s vs. 2s. 4 plays, 75 yards. Portis: 1-2, 18 yards. Meggett: 2-57, TD. RESULT: Meggett 49-yard touchdown run

DRIVE 19: Starts at own 40. 3s vs. 3s. 2 plays, 13 yards. Robinson: 1-2, 13 yards, INT. RESULT: Michael Carter interception

DRIVE 20: Starts at own 5. 2s vs. 2s. 5 plays, 25 yards. Steffy: 2-4, 26 yards, INT. RESULT: Michael Carter 30-yard INT return for TD

DRIVE 21: Starts at own 40. 3s vs. 3s. 3 plays, 4 yards. RESULT: Didn’t even bother to punt

DRIVE 22: Starts at own 40. 3s vs. 3s. 5 plays, 60 yards. Robinson: 2-2, 45 yards, TD. RESULT: Robinson 40-yard TD pass to Lee-Odai (who had no one in the same area code with him when he made the catch).

Patrick Stevens