The Washington Times - August 18, 2008, 01:12PM

This is an afternoon where it might be best to get out of the way and let everyone say what’s on their mind with minimal interruption.

Sort of like an Olympic basketball game.


I’ve already tossed up an online-only story, and that’s the nuts-and-bolts of the situation. I’ll have a more detailed look in tomorrow’s dead-tree edition, and throughout the day here.

But this is the point to let James Franklin chime in. The offensive coordinator insisted the final decision rested with Ralph Friedgen, but it’s pretty clear the two were in agreement

“We have the statistics all the time and they’re posted downstairs. … It gets hard if one quarterback all through spring and all through summer camp was statistically  better in almost every  single category, it’s hard to rationalize not making him the starter. Not only documenting that every day after practice, but having all that documentation to make sure because your gut feeling is one thing and the statistics are another. We  have to make sure we’re being credible with the information.”

“Jordan led by a pretty large amount in completion percentage [67 percent to 57 percent], which I think is very important. He led in interception percentage, the least interception percentage. He didn’t lead in yards per [attempt]. What we do is yards per attempt is a big thing for me, yards per completion is a big thing for me, and percentage of explosive plays. I consider an explosive play a play of 16 yards or more. That’s the one area he didn’t lead in. Actually, Portis led in that and Turner was second and Jordan was third.

“That was something I talked to him about. ‘Hey, you’re really consistent, but we need more big plays from you.”

I think a lot of Maryland fans already knew that last part. Judging from the reaction I’ve received in the last two hours, they really know that.

In any case, that’s the word from the O.C. Check back in a bit later for reaction from the big fella, the starter and the guy who will finally get on the field for the first time since late in the 2005 season.

—- Patrick Stevens