The Washington Times - August 18, 2008, 07:01PM

I just filed my dead-tree edition story a little bit ago, and needless to say there are something interesting things to get into with that on Ralph Friedgen‘s decision to name Jordan Steffy as the starting quarterback. I’ll mention some of it a bit later in the night.

But this much is certain —- Maryland fan message boards are en fuego. Al Gore had no idea what he could make possible when he invented the Internet, and that’s surely one of the scenarios that did not float through his mind.


I got an e-mail from Doug with the subject line “disgusted!” that seems to echo what a lot of fans are saying. And since it is profanity-free, I’ll open the mailbag and share:

I will join in and  voice my disgust about this decision.

Steffy is very good at throwing 2 yard passes, interceptions and getting sacked.

Even in the video game yesterday he came in and got sacked on my first play. Granted the only way I would ever put him in an actual game would be if Turner, Portis, and Robinson were all hurt and no one else could figure out how to take a snap from center.


Ouch. And I thought Lord Groh of Hooville was the guy who usually had to be worried about unrest among his vassals.

Now, a perusal of the boards finds some more conciliatory fans, some who don’t want Chris Turner to transfer, and some who are immature and irrational enough to wish harm upon either the decision-maker or the beneficiary of his decision.

But it is hard scrounging up someone who finds the decision correct. Who knows? Maybe there’s a silent, pro-Steffy majority and it’s only a loud minority who disagrees.

That would summon echos of Richard Nixon, who for all of his faults was a political maestro. (Check out this recently released book for proof). With all respect to Friedgen, he is not a man in possession of Nixon’s political dexterity.

I’ve dug up all of the game books from last year, I’ll crunch as many numbers as I can before the night’s out. Granted, they’re not practice numbers, which were heavily relied upon. But it is the evidence in front of the public, and it’s worth breaking down so that as much data is available.

More to come later, including an extended run through Josh Portis‘ reaction to his role on this team.

—- Patrick Stevens