The Washington Times - August 19, 2008, 10:55AM

Virginia is going to need all the help it can get in its opener against Southern California.

OK, there’s no shock value in that assertion. Certainly, the Cavaliers’ experience deficit at quarterback vis-a-vis the Trojans can be accepted much easier in Charlottesville than the loss of dismissed basketball fan favorite Lars Mikalauskas.


But I got to thinking yesterday just how much Pete Carroll loves to make a statement in intersectional games. I mean, just loves to. And because I’m chart-crazy, I came up with this little gem on the Trojans’ trips over either the Rockies or a significant portion of an ocean in Carroll’s seven seasons.

Opponent Score Opp. final record 
2001 at Notre Dame L, 27-16 5-6
2002 at Kansas State L, 27-20 11-2
2002 vs. Iowa (Orange Bowl) W, 38-17 
2003 at Auburn W, 23-0 8-5
2003 at Notre Dame W, 45-14 5-7
2004 vs. Virginia Tech (Landover, Md.) 
W, 24-13 10-3
2004 vs. Oklahoma (Orange Bowl) W, 55-19 12-1
2005 at Hawaii W, 63-17 5-7
2005 at Notre Dame W, 34-31 9-3
2006 at Arkansas W, 50-14 10-4
2007 at Nebraska W, 49-31 5-7
2007 at Notre Dame W, 38-0 3-9

Well, that’s 10 straight wins and three half-a-hundreds hung on the long road trips since Carroll got things going. And only one of those victories was all that close (the 2005 classic in South Bend).

All of this is an extended way of saying the obvious: Lord Groh of Hooville might be in for a long afternoon when the Men of Troy visit Thomas Jefferson‘s university.

—- Patrick Stevens