The Washington Times - August 23, 2008, 04:48PM

Ralph Friedgen kept talking about a surprise he had planned for his players at the end of camp.

He finally let them know what it was on Thursday night (and the media a day later).


Friedgen was contacted by some movie industry folks offering to show a sneak preview of “The Express,” the story of former Syracuse running back Ernie Davis, to Maryland’s entire team. Ralph wanted to get it on-campus at the Hoff Theater, but happily settled for a trip over to Bulletway Beltway Plaza.

“It was funny because I told them I had a surprise for them and they all thought practice was going to be called,” Friedgen said. “That would really be a surprise if I did that. [Thursday] night we were meeting and I said ‘You know, I’m tired. Are you guys tired.’ [They said] ‘Yeah, we’re tired.’

“I said, how bout the hell with the meetings tonight. Let’s go to the movies. They looked at me like they didn’t know how to take me. I said ‘We got three buses up there, let’s go.’ They’re looking around as if ‘Is there a trick to this thing? Does he have it booby trapped.’ Not many actually asked what the movie was.”

This came just a night after Ralph let the guys head over to the campus rec center pool to cool off after the final two-a-day session.

“This is getting like Club Med,” Friedgen said. “They wanted me to come over and I said I was going to do a big cannonball but then I got tied up with the defense.”

Now that (the cannonball, not vetting the defense) would have been worth a trip to the movies to see.

—- Patrick Stevens