The Washington Times - August 24, 2008, 08:55AM

Things were slow in College Park yesterday, at least news-wise. There’s a couple more entries I’ll toss up later in the day, but the excitement has mostly simmered down.

So it’s time to cast eyes northward to Maryland’s opponent this Saturday, Delaware.


Turns out Florida wanted to schedule the Blue Hens, but Maryland’s proximity won out.

A couple other interesting notes from that article from the Wilmington News Journal:

* It would appear Ohio State transfer Rob Schoenhoft and redshirt freshman Lou Ritacco remain in the running for the Blue Hens’ starting quarterback job.

* Part of the contract between Delaware and Maryland includes a nondisclosure clause that prevents either side from publicly saying how much money the Blue Hens are receiving for their trip to Byrd Stadium. Typical Maryland.

* Delaware coach K.C. Keeler wouldn’t agree to this game as an opener without a bye week following it. Keeler lost two defensive linemen in a victory at Navy last year and wanted some extra time to recuperate while playing a bigger, deeper team.

So that’s that. More to come in a bit.

—- Patrick Stevens