The Washington Times - August 25, 2008, 11:57AM

Just got off the CAA teleconference with Delaware coach K.C. Keeler. The sounds of whistles and wind were evident in the background as Keeler took some time away from a mid-day practice to chat with reporters. And by reporters, I’m pretty sure it was only me.

And that means you get the replies to my basic questions for him. And, naturally, those questions were about quarterbacks.


Keeler echoed his sentiments from this morning’s papers about when he was looking to make a call between Ohio State transfer Rob Schoenhoft and redshirt freshman Lou Ritacco.

“I think I have two ways,” Keeler said. “Either in keeping with Joe Biden and having it be the 3 a.m. text message or it could be with AT&T —- for $1.59, you can log your vote in and we’ll see how that works. It could be a great fundraiser.”

When you’ve never talked to a guy and he is willing to give an answer that good, you (a) are extremely grateful even if he’s given it to others and (b) get greedy and ask another question.

So with Maryland committed to playing at least two quarterbacks this week (Jordan Steffy and Josh Portis), it was worth asking if the Blue Hens planned to do the same thing.

“I’d prefer not to,” Keeler said. “I’m not a two-quarterback system guy. I’d like to name a guy and let him know he’s the lead dog. The competition in camp was so close that if one is struggling, we’d have no problem putting the other guy in. I’m hoping when we choose that guy, he’ll [thrive].”

Just who that is, though, will remain a mystery for now.

—- Patrick Stevens