The Washington Times - August 27, 2008, 11:43AM

Ralph Friedgen must have his radar out again.

Maryland has bumped up its schedule by about 90 minutes because of fear of lousy weather, which means the reporters covering Maryland will get to drive home in a nasty mess. How considerate.


I kid, of course —- Ralph’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, and I get to sit in the Union for a little extra time. No worries all around.

Friedgen also just chatted with reporters on the ACC teleconference. Here are the “highlights,” which have all been heard throughout camp at some juncture or another.

One reporter asked him if Delaware’s decision not to announce a starting QB before Saturday hinders the Terrapins‘ preparation.

“Not really,” Friedgen said. “We don’t know what either one can do. If we knew it might, but neither one of them has played. We don’t have any tape on them. One’s a redshirt freshman and the other’s a transfer. We’re going to have to be ready for whatever they do. Hopefully they’ll do the same things they did last year, but we don’t know that.”

And there was a question of why it’s been 60 years for the schools to meet in football even though less than 100 miles separate them.

“I have no idea,” Friedgen said. “That’s one not in my expertise.”

—- Patrick Stevens