The Washington Times - August 27, 2008, 09:13AM

At yesterday’s football press luncheon, there were bags draped over each of the seats in front of coach Ralph Friedgen‘s podium.

“Sweet,” I thought. “A trick-or-treat bag! And from this program, no less. It’s going to be like Mardi Gras in here.”


Actually, they were part of a campus-wide recycling program —- one defensive end Mack Frost is helping out with and that the Maryland athletic department is assisting on game days.

The bottom line is that Maryland will have a lot of recycling containers around Byrd Stadium, give away some promotional items and have a recycling valet service for “select parking lots” —- read: nearby and probably mostly reserved for big-time donors.

But even if the valet service won’t help most fans, the intent of the program appears good and genuine.

terp bag

That’s why I’ll limit my snide comments to just pointing out the sponsors of the convenient bags handed out yesterday include the infamous on-campus Inconvenience Stores I (and many others) frequented near the end of semesters to burn off expiring meal plan points. This might be the most convenient thing they’ve ever come up with, given the ability to help Mother Earth out a bit.

Especially when I don’t burn off a couple plastic bags on Halloween.

—- Patrick Stevens