The Washington Times - August 28, 2008, 11:28AM

Just wanted to thank everyone who signed up for the D1scourse Challenge. There will, of course, be weekly updates as well as a prize for the winner this season.

A few stats on the team names among the 50 entries before moving on to other business later in the day:


* Current Maryland football players mentioned: Jordan Steffy, Chris Turner, Josh Portis, Kevin Barnes

* Former Maryland football players mentioned: Scott McBrien, LaMont Jordan, Steve Suter

* Players/coaches from Maryland basketball, past and present, mentioned: Mario Lucas, Bambale Osby

* Past ill-advised marketing campaigns mention: The Vandwagon (and not by me, even if one of my first ever fantasy team names was the Abandoned Vandwagons)

* Team names with some variation of Terp/Terps/Terpz/Terrapins: Nine

* Former college basketball coaches used as team names: One (Barry Hinson).

More coming later on in the day. Just not on the D1scourse Challenge.

—- Patrick Stevens