The Washington Times - August 29, 2008, 07:30AM

In today’s ACC preview in the dead-tree edition, I picked N.C. State to go 5-7. When I posted those picks yesterday, loyal reader Slatter argued I might be a little optimistic about the Wolfpack.

Judging from last night, he looks more correct than I do. More to the point, it is not a good time to be an N.C. State fan.


The Wolfpack went through three quarterbacks last night in a 34-0 loss at South Carolina —- something the guy I’m about to hear speak to a gathering in College Park might not mind tomorrow if his team can build a decent-sized lead.

N.C. State also happened to be shut out for the second straight game. Last time that happened, an analytical Illinoisan was running for president as the Democratic nominee. His name was Adlai Stevenson.

So 52 years later, it happens again. Not fun for the Wuffies.

It should be pointed out that N.C. State has gone 136:41 of game time without scoring a point. It’s possible to do quite a bit in 2 hours, 16 minutes and 41 seconds. Just this week, 25 people ran a marathon in that time in Beijing.

Now, you probably couldn’t do that. I definitely couldn’t. But it is possible.

In case you’re curious, back-to-back blankings aren’t a one-a-half-century happening for all schools. It happened to Duke just two years ago.

Maryland fans who are interested in unearthing bad memories might be curious to know the last time it happened to the Terrapins was in 1995 (with losses to Clemson and Louisville).

More coming later, including the morning links.

—- Patrick Stevens