The Washington Times - August 30, 2008, 08:52AM

A very quick spin around the Internet on game day…

* In my online-only Saturdays story, I take a look at how Maryland’s new 3-5 look will help on defense. Mostly, I just found one of the few things I hadn’t hammered to death over the last four weeks and wrote about it.



* Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post writes about starting quarterback Jordan Steffy‘s comeback from a concussion.

(At this point, I’m stunned no one has pointed out that Steffy has not taken a game snap at Byrd Stadium not just since his concussion last year, but also not one snap since his pick-six at Wake Forest. A lot has happened since his last Byrd appearance, the Thursday night game against West Virginia)

* The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker examines the Terps’ offense.

* John McNamara of the Annapolis Capital writes about the whole Division I-AA/Appalachian State thing.

* The Wilmington News Journal’s Martin Frank takes a similar tack, only from the Delaware viewpoint.

—- Patrick Stevens