The Washington Times - August 31, 2008, 11:36AM

The Portis Package was unveiled yesterday.

Mostly, it meant Josh Portis running somewhere.


This, of course, will get pretty predictable if the only reason he comes into the game is to run on a single play before yielding to whoever the regular quarterback is.

So four plays, four carries and 10 yards. Not bad, not great. Three gains, one loss, no real lasting impression. But at least Portis finally had some contact.

Especially on the one busted play he dealt with.

“The last one wasn’t vanilla, he called the wrong play,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “We have to eliminate that. We have to throw the ball with him some doing that. We got in a situation in the second half where Da’Rel [Scott] was cramping up and [Davin] Meggett and we don’t really have a whole lot after that.

“I think what James [Franklin] wanted to do was get Davin a blow and run the ball with Josh. The four plays he was in, he had one screw-up and the other ones he did a pretty good job he made yardage. That’s what we’re trying to get out of him. He has options on those plays to throw the ball, too. They just have him the run and he took it.”

—- Patrick Stevens