The Washington Times - August 31, 2008, 04:13PM

There are plenty of specialty stats to look for tomorrow on the “off” day, but just wanted to share one before getting ready for Ralph’s teleconference at 4:30.

Da’Rel Scott had three runs (40, 37, 26) of at least 26 yards yesterday. For all of last season, Maryland only seven of them.


You want the list? But of course. Here it is:

* Keon Lattimore 42 run at Florida International

* Darrius Heyward-Bey 54 run at Wake Forest

* Lance Ball 32 run at Rutgers

* Ball 30 run vs. Georgia Tech

* Heyward-Bey 37 run vs. Boston College

* Chris Turner 41 run at N.C. State

* Scott 33 run at N.C. State

So to state the obvious, Scott ripped off more runs of 26 yards yesterday than Ball and Lattimore combined for in 395 carries last year.

Obviously, the offensive line has something to do with that —- hence Ball/Lattimore having none of those runs once the line was decimated with injuries.

But this has more than a little something to do with Scott, who clearly has already made the Terps’ running game even more dangerous  than it was the last couple seasons.

And it begs the question many people were asking in the second half of last season: Where was this guy when Maryland couldn’t create a rushing attack? Certainly pass blocking has something to do with it, and maybe a simpler offense helps.

Either way, Scott is already nearly a fifth of the way to becoming Maryland’s first 1,000-yard rusher since 2002. And no, it’s not even Labor Day.

—- Patrick Stevens