The Washington Times - August 31, 2008, 06:48PM

Ralph Friedgen wouldn’t say whether Jordan Steffy would have been yanked from Saturday’s game had he not been injured.

He also wouldn’t say if Steffy would start Saturday at Middle Tennessee if he’s healthy. He pretty much wouldn’t commit to a quarterback at all.


On the one hand, Friedgen looks like he’s hedging. On the other, he’s avoiding answering hypothetical questions unless they are no longer hypothetical. That’s probably smart on his part, even if it makes my job a little harder and annoyingly more quarterback-centric than it was even last month.

Either way, Steffy is undergoing an X-ray tomorrow to determine the severity of his thumb injury. He apparently played two possessions after he suffered the injury while being sacked in the middle of the fourth quarter.

Friedgen’s evaluation of Steffy was pretty close to what he said last night.

“I think he did a good job in the opening series,” Friedgen said. “He made some good decisions and threw the ball well. Then as the game went on, he had some other opportunities and he didn’t take advantage of them. A couple guys have to make a couple plays for him, too. I think when every pass is scrutinized, I think it gets tougher and tougher for you.”

As for Chris Turner, well, there wasn’t much to say. That because Turner only threw three passes in nearly a quarter of work.

“He did a couple things that were good,” Friedgen said. “He also did a couple things that were a bad. We’ve got some improvement to do there, too.”

—- Patrick Stevens