The Washington Times - August 5, 2008, 05:40PM

A few odds and ends while waiting out the end of practice here in College Park.

* Everyone who is supposed to be here is here. I didn’t get to see any stretching, but did some of my own on the benches outside the practice facility to make up for it.


* The last we heard of Matt Goldberg was that he might be back for camp after he made it into grad school.

Well, the Terrapins’ holder last season will be going to business school on an M Club scholarship. But taking that would prevent him from playing football. Think of it as a check-and-balance to make sure a school doesn’t load up beyond the 85-scholarship limit.

So it looks like the holder job will probably go to either punter Travis Baltz (who is listed atop the depth chart) or tight end Dan Gronkowski.

“I understand why they have the rule,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “A lot of people would have guys on baseball scholarships and everything else. Here’s a kid who really wants to play, and we’d love to have him. The only possibility is if I have a guy quit or something, and then I have to make a decision. The problem I have is do I reward some other guy on my team, or do I bring Matt back just to hold? It makes it a tough situation.”

Ralph said there were no scholarship slots open at this juncture, a factor always subject to change throughout camp.

* Friedgen did his rundown of freshmen yesterday and eventually came to Masengo Kabongo.

“I know he can speak four languages, but can he play defensive line?” the big fella observed. “He might be the only defensive lineman in the country that speaks four languages. I’m sure him and Sollazzo are a match made in heaven.”

Sollazzo, of course, has a way of getting to the point in a rather direct way. So I asked the obvious: Isn’t the real question whether Kabongo speaks Sollazzo’s language?

“He better,” Friedgen said.

For his sake, I sure hope Kabongo does.

 —- Patrick Stevens