The Washington Times - August 5, 2008, 09:56PM

The plan is to transcribe Ralph Friedgen‘s post-practice musings early tomorrow morning and offer up whatever tidbits there are.

Thing is, nothing particularly earth-shattering happened today. That’s probably for the best.


It isn’t very often you’ll learn a whole lot in the first two days. Maybe you’ll discover some guys are out of shape (only two have not passed a conditioning test Ralph says “is not that hard.”) Maybe a freshman will catch your eye (seemed like running back Davin Meggett filled that category.

But without pads and contact, the best thing that can happen is no one gets hurt.

And it would seem that so far, no one has.

Plenty more to come tomorrow, including a media day leftover related to game program mug shots, another portion of the college football countdown, Haroon Brown‘s downright sublime lid of choice and some interesting language on Maryland’s tickets this year.