The Washington Times - August 6, 2008, 05:08PM

After practice last night, Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen said only two of his players hadn’t passed his conditioning test. He then added that although he wouldn’t name the guys, they didn’t really factor into his plans this year, anyway.

If they weren’t conditioned for an Ralph-administered exam on physical fitness, they probably aren’t enjoying practice today.


In a word … HOT.

The field turf doesn’t exactly help matters. But it’s a safe bet Ralph will talk in another hour or two about how his kids got tired.

No wonder.

I pointed out to veteran manager John Bonacci one saving grace —- there’s only one practice today; two-a-days don’t begin until Saturday.

“The dogs days of August haven’t arrived yet,” he replied. “What is it, August 6th? One-fifth of the way through.”

And who thought the countdown to beginning the season was confined to fans and players?

 —- Patrick Stevens