The Washington Times - August 6, 2008, 08:27AM

Our dead tree edition will probably have quite a few Maryland stories over the next few weeks. Of course, this will test the limits of human attention, since the phenomenon that is Redskins preseason and the phenomenon that is NBC paying $894 million for the right to shove the Olympics down the throats of all Americans are on a collision course.

There isn’t a dead tree story today, in part because the savvy way for a reporter to go about things in the generally less newsy, intense environment of camp is to collect a bunch of stuff in advance, write before practice and then just update or tack on the news of the day after Ralph’s session. Or, wait to write on days of morning practices.


Obviously, actual news can throw plans for a loop, and a quarterback announcement or a serious injury can change things. But that strategy helps explain why today is sort of a dead day all around.

Anyway, the Washington Post’s Steve Yanda writes on freshman Kenny Tate‘s decision to switch to safety.

And from yesterday afternoon, the Annapolis Capital’s John McNamara takes a look at Maryland’s quarterback competition.

And somewhere, FREDTERP will be pleased I figured out how to get the links to open in another page.

More in a bit.

 —- Patrick Stevens