The Washington Times - August 6, 2008, 09:49AM

Loyal reader Mike checked in via IM the other day to point out his season tickets for Maryland football had arrived.

And it wasn’t exactly to gloat that his tickets had arrived.


“The list of prohibited items has grown. Have you seen it?”

At the time, no. But I have now. More on that below.

“It includes:

“‘Intimidating actions.’

“Video capable cell phones (good luck with that one).

“Resale of tickets (ditto).

“And my favorite: ‘Running.’ Yes. Running.”

Maybe the school doesn’t want fans running to their seats at kickoff after lingering at their tailgate until after the national anthem is played.

Anything else stand out, loyal reader?

“‘Unauthorized use.’ I don’t know of what.”

Having fetched a look at the list of restrictions, I’d add that “Offensive language/signage” probably wouldn’t be easy to enforce, either. This is Maryland, after all. And in a perfect world, there would be a disclaimer attached to “Throwing objects” that dubs it the “Carlos Boozer’s Mom Rule.”

Most of the banned items are obvious and predictable: Weapons, smoking, illicit substances, alcoholic beverages. Go ahead and commence the no-booze-in-the-suites complaints now.

Just don’t run around Byrd Stadium while you’re making the argument.

 —- Patrick Stevens