The Washington Times - August 6, 2008, 10:40PM

Just a few quick hitters from the third day of Maryland football practice.

* Maybe this quarterback thing really will be a three-way race.


It seemed sensible that Chris Turner and Jordan Steffy would have the best chance to start for Maryland. And they probably still do. After all, they actually played last year.

But Josh Portis looks like he’ll be a factor, too, in College Park.

Portis looked relaxed-yet-dialed-in, and definitely upbeat when we crossed paths in the Gossett team house after tonight’s practice.

And he should: Ralph Friedgen mentioned Portis had the best day of the Terps’ QBs.

“He threw one interception for a touchdown, but other than that I thought he did a pretty good job,” Friedgen said. “That’s encouraging.”

There isn’t any movement on the depth chart just yet. But there’s also little question the Terps could be helped substantially if Portis keeps getting a little better every day. As Ralph freely admits, he can do some things that are simply beyond the the boundaries of either Turner or Steffy.

* This little QB update, along with a comment from loyal reader ‘mariolucasforthree’ from earlier today, brings me to one of my themes for this camp: How much of a deal to make of the QB competition.

If last year taught anything, it’s that this sort of decision will be strung out. Even though it is new offensive coordinator James Franklin‘s offense, Ralph still has a say in the matter. And Friedgen is the sort of guy who likes to collect as much information as he possibly can before making a decision.

It was obvious at this time last year Steffy would start the opener so long as he remained in College Park in one piece. This time, it isn’t clearcut. Last year, Friedgen clearly got a charge out of playing mind games with us media folk. This year, I’m not going to get played like that.

The decision will come when it comes. But I’ll stick to this prediction: Multiple quarterbacks will start multiple games for Maryland this year. Who they are, I’m not sure (though I’d be inclined to think Turner will start at some point this year). Why they get their shots, I’d have no idea right now.

But Ralph has multiple QBs to work with. And work with them, he probably will.

* A couple minor injuries to note: Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey has a sprained thumb that is hindering his ability to catch (sort of a problem for a wideout) but is expected to be OK. Same deal with tailback Morgan Green and his pulled quadriceps.

 —- Patrick Stevens