The Washington Times - August 8, 2008, 01:56PM

Chatted after practice with new special teams coach Danny Pearman after practice yesterday and we ran down some things related to his new duties.

I’ll have more of that at some point next week (the interview tapes are quickly stacking up, and the Olympics doesn’t exactly help matters in terms of squeezing into the dead tree edition). Probably the highlight —- and something I’ll definitely follow up on —- is the possible use of quarterback Jamarr Robinson as a holder.


That would give Maryland quite a different element in that spot. The last quarterback who served in that role on a semi-regular basis appears to have been Trey Evans back in 1999. I say “appears” because the Ron Vanderlinden-era preseason depth charts didn’t include the holder. However, there’s a big photo of Evans holding a kick in the 2000 spring prospectus, and I’m pretty sure Brooks Barnard handled those duties in 2000, so it seems safe to say Evans was the last QB/holder.

In a related note, Pearman came up during yesterday’s daily media pow-wow with Ralph Friedgen. Turns out Ralph has some plans for his new assistant coach.

“I would love to get Danny Pearman, who’s a Clemson grad, to sing the fight song,” the Fridge said, a mischievous flint in his eye. Or maybe it was just the sun coming through the window of his office.

So, do his coaches know the words?

“They better,” Ralph intoned.

This might not bode well for Pearman, who probably should know more ACC fight songs than anyone at this point. In the last few years, he’s worked at Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and now Maryland. And, of course, he ought to know Clemson’s from his time as a player there.

“I guess that’s the biggest fear I’ve got during this camp,” Pearman said. “I’ve been trying to brush up on my words. I heard it the other night when the freshmen had to sing it. I went to one basketball game here, so I’ve heard it played one time as far as the words [are concerned]. I’d better get it down before camp or it’s going to be an embarrassing situation.”

The bad news for Pearman is that it’s a possibility very much under consideration. The good news is the Big Fella hasn’t gotten around to it just yet.

“Nah, and I wouldn’t remind him,” Pearman said. “I would hope he’s got more stuff on his mind than to ask to put me up there.”

—- Patrick Stevens