The Washington Times - August 8, 2008, 08:32AM

One full-blown feature today, and it comes from Steve Yanda of the Washington Post. He writes about cornerback Kevin Barnes, the lone starter returning in the secondary.

The Baltimore Sun‘s Jeff Barker has a brief practice report.


And for some international flavor, I turned this up. Apparently, “hot seat” is Italian for “hot seat.”

Here’s a the English version for readers who aren’t in Roma or fluent in Italian, although internet translators do tend to be a little rigid.

The Terrapins has mailed 3 records losing in … the 4 seasons. Friedgen has tried to again raise the program directly firing the former offensives coordinator Charlie Taaffe and making themselves loaded with the attack.

Well, can’t say I’ve ever looked at things quite that way before. Friedgen’s probably one of the more secure coaches on the list, but some of the usual suspects pop up as well. If you want to translate any more, knock yourself out.

 —- Patrick Stevens