The Washington Times - August 8, 2008, 12:43PM

If there was a dead tree edition story earlier in the week about Maryland’s plateauing season ticket sales, it’s only fair to offer a look at how Navy is doing in that regard.

The answer is well. Very, very well.


The Midshipmen have set a school season-ticket record for the fourth straight year, passing the 23,000 mark for the 34,000-seat stadium. And they’ve done it for this season even though there won’t be an entrenched rivalry game played in Annapolis (Towson, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Southern Methodist and Temple swing into town).

Funny what five straight bowl berths will do for you.

A look at how season ticket sales and attendance have boomed in Annapolis since 2002, the first year of former coach Paul Johnson‘s tenure. (*-estimated through Thursday)

Season tickets  Avg. attendance 
2002 9,044 27,808
2003 12,575 29,936
2004 13,776 30,952
2005 17,300 33,013
2006 20,206 33,275
2007 22,634 34,617
2008 23,000* —-


—- Patrick Stevens