The Washington Times - August 8, 2008, 11:11AM

It might as well be a once-a-fortnight deal (if not once-a-week): Ralph Friedgen starts talking about a player’s academic status in some form or another before realizing he probably shouldn’t.

Such was the case the other day, when he was discussing the turnaround safety Antwine Perez has had in the classroom. Perez struggled mightily after transferring from Southern California, but Ralph said he’s had over a 3.0 since calling Perez’s parents in to inform them of the gravity of the situation.


Ralph caught himself before revealing Perez’s GPA when he came to College Park, but it led into an entertaining (and fairly jovial) aside.

“How come these guys are privy to my contract?” Friedgen asked. “Where are my rights? Where’s HIPPA and all that other stuff when it comes to me? Doesn’t seem to be equitable to me. I’m wide open, but I have to worry about all these other people.”

Hey, since when did Ralph do side work for the ACLU?

Just kidding. And Ralph was being a little facetious. But even if he wasn’t, I can think of somewhere in the ballpark of 1.8 million reasons why Friedgen will be just fine even if people can look up the details of his contract willy nilly.

 —- Patrick Stevens