The Washington Times - August 9, 2008, 08:26AM

It was a slow news day yesterday.

It’ll be slow blog days the next two days.


First, the past. The Washington Post‘s Steve Yanda has a quarterback update to lead his notebook for today.

Next, the present. I need to crank out a couple features for next week to get ahead of the curve (and to clear out some space on my digital recorder). So there probably won’t be much on the blog today other than the next five teams of the college football countdown, at least until after Maryland’s scrimmage tonight.

That’s OK. It’s Saturday.

Tomorrow will be similarly slow, mainly because I’ll be making the roundtrip to Charlottesville for Virginia’s media day. That’s six hours of prime blogging time behind the wheel of a car.

That’s OK. It’s Sunday.

So that’s what’s on tap for the weekend before things pick back up Monday.

Unless today turns into far more of a news day than was yesterday.

 —- Patrick Stevens