The Washington Times - December 1, 2008, 10:17PM

Raleigh News and Observer ACC blogger (and fantasy sports owner extraordinaire) J.P. Giglio offers his own take on the EagleBank Bowl’s situation.

He basically takes a Mr. Spock-like approach to the problem. If you eliminate the impossible, the remaining option —- however improbable —-  is likely to be the answer.


And that would mean Miami is coming to D.C. on Dec. 20 to play Navy.

This would mean Wake Forest (and not the Hurricanes) go to the Emerald Bowl and not have a rematch with Navy. It would mean Maryland is Smurf Turf-bound. And it would mean the Hurricanes end up staying on the East Coast.

That certainly is a possibility, but it would require a certain amount of agreeability from the folks out west to pass on Miami.

Still, it is a logical solution to the current predicament —- even if it didn’t seem all that likely before this weekend.

—- Patrick Stevens