The Washington Times - December 10, 2008, 10:34AM

Sorry for the delay on this rundown of Sunday’s BB&T Classic game against George Washington. But there were two good reasons for it.

One, I didn’t even see the first half Sunday since I was wound up in bowl selection coverage and writing the Navy-Virginia Tech story.


Two, the game book including the play by play did not include substitutions (as it does at Maryland and Georgetown games).

That’s not a complaint in the slightest; it’s nice just to have a play-by-play in case I mess up or am distracted at some point. But I didn’t get to watch a replay of the first half until last night, and that explains the delay.

Anyway, one number really stands out —- the +28 tossed up by Dino Gregory. Yes, he made that much of a difference when he was on the floor against George Washington.

Here is the full-roster rundown:

Player vs. GW
Season Per minute
1-Milbourne +17 +19 0.09
4-Dupree -4 -12 -0.10
5-Hayes +17 +72 0.30
11-Kim -3 +9 0.14
14-Mosley +7 -6 -0.05
21-Vasquez +30 +58 0.22
22-Bowie +21 +55 0.30
0 +4 1.00
24-Tucker -3 +11 0.11
25-Goins DNP +7 0.78
32-Burney +3 +19 0.40
33-Gregory +28 +56 0.48
35-Neal +2 +33 0.23

—- Patrick Stevens