The Washington Times - December 10, 2008, 12:37PM

You know a media-type such as myself likes to hear?

“Is that it?”


Al Seamonson said it twice in just a few minutes yesterday as he was asked about his interim defensive coordinator gig at Maryland —- and did so in that mellow way that those who’ve covered Seamo for a while have come to expect.

There’s something to be said for a low-key approach. So many fans like their coaches emotional —- and at times borderline crazy.

That is not Seamonson.

I asked him yesterday what it would be like with so many coaches in different spots juggling responsibilities.

“It’s going to be three weeks of chaos,” Seamonson said with a smile.

He quickly pointed out upcoming exams, recruiting weekends and practices wedged before Christmas and a Dec. 26 departure for Boise.

He’s right. It is chaotic. But he also seems to have a plan.

“When we go to Boise, we want to have repetitions of what we’re going to do against Nevada when he get out there,” Seamonson said.

One thing not to expect —- a ton of different things three weeks from now. That’s not on Seamonson so much as it is a reality. After planning a defense throughout the offseason and camp, and tuning it over a three-month season, it would be sort of silly just to scrap everything and try something entirely different just for one game.

“Our package is established,” Seamonson said. “We’re talking about game 13 after a 12-game regular season. It’s not like we’re going to re-invent the wheel here between now and the bowl game.”

—- Patrick Stevens