The Washington Times - December 11, 2008, 09:00PM

I brought the world-famous blue turf of Boise to Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen.

After some brief comments on the unusual sod, he mentioned something really interesting.


“Maybe I ought to paint this field red,” Friedgen said. “I actually had somebody who wanted to do that when we go to Field Turf. He wanted to make it red Field Turf. It’d be like that Clint Eastwood movie where he paints the town red.”

(To make that a fully compatible comparison, it might require the renaming of College Park to “Hell.” And while CP was never the cheeriest place on the planet, there are far, far worse.)

Anyway, Friedgen had an even better suggestion when it came to the field.

“I ought to paint it black and then wear black jerseys all the time,” he said.

No one would ever see that one coming.

—- Patrick Stevens