The Washington Times - December 13, 2008, 12:03AM

It’s time to give Maryland and Delaware State credit for the same thing.

The Terrapins’ assists.


Delaware State gets credit because their off-putting style of defense exploits the impatience of opponents. If opponents aren’t quite so eager, they can make passes to create open looks.

Maryland gets credit because it made those passes —- and in turn connected on open looks in an 86-58 victory.

It wasn’t the most efficient night for Eric Hayes (no assists, four turnovers). But Greivis Vasquez, Cliff Tucker and Adrian Bowie combined for 17 assists and two turnovers, and when that happens chances are good Maryland will win.

A funny little note on the assists —- it was Maryland’s most since it recorded 24 (for 31 baskets) last year against Duke at Comcast Center. That was a game the Terps lost, pretty much entirely because they committed 22 turnovers and folded early in the second half.

Tons of assists don’t always portend victories. But they rarely hurt, and tonight that passing was a big reason the Terps encountered little difficulty against the Hornets.

—- Patrick Stevens