The Washington Times - December 13, 2008, 02:04PM

Today’s Memphis-Georgetown game marks the debut of the Jim Nantz-Clark Kellogg pairing as the top broadcast crew for CBS‘ college basketball crew.

CBS is celebrating by having the duo wear tuxedos for today’s proceedings. Whatever floats your boat, though it looks sort of lame.


(Don’t worry, karma has already slammed me for making such a suggestion; I’m stuck with only one NFL option in the late afternoon tomorrow, and it involves the choice of Phil Simms for three hours or the mute button. That, of course, is an easy decision).

Anyway, since there’s no wedding or black-tie dinner in progress here, Nantz and Kellogg are completely out of place.

More importantly, I wonder how difficult it would have been to get the ultra-sober Billy Packer —- Kellogg’s predecessor, who left CBS this summer —- to wear a tux.

Here’s guessing very.

—- Patrick Stevens