The Washington Times - December 13, 2008, 01:49PM

Just got out to my seat on the baseline at Verizon Center, where No. 19 Georgetown plays host to No. 17 Memphis in a little bit.

Some quick observations, pretty much all Memphis-related since the only reason I’m here is to get a good look at John Calipari‘s ever-entertaining program.


* There really is a whole lot less of Pierre Henderson-Niles than there was at the Final Four back in April. Memphis claims he dropped 50 pounds, and I would have bet more. He’s still a big boy, however.

* Georgetown students greeted the Tigers’ layup line with the taunt “Why don’t you practice free throws?” You could ask the Hoyas why they couldn’t stop Stephen Curry last March, but then again no one else has without playing him 4-on-3.

* Verizon Center is oddly empty at this point; I’d estimate this is a 30 percent capacity crowd at this stage. That’s not especially encouraging for what on paper is one of the best intersectional games of the season.

About 15 minutes to tipoff now. Should be a good one.

—- Patrick Stevens