The Washington Times - December 13, 2008, 11:22AM

The drive home from College Park to D1scourse headquarters in Glen Burnie allows plenty of time to think about a weird stat or two to quantify later on.

Last night’s drive in the darkness led me to one that’s really off-the-wall.


Forward Landon Milbourne has led Maryland in scoring the last two games, the first time in his career he’s done that. So, I wondered, who else has done that in, say, the last 10 years.

Turns out the total is 16.

Now, the following chart will be a little skewed, simply because I count any team-leading stretch (be it two games or one of Juan Dixon’s scorching seven-game runs) as a single streak. The divide between Dixon and the rest of the field is far bigger.

But you still might be intrigued to know Milbourne has led the Terps in scoring in back-to-back games just as many times as Ekene Ibekwe and Steve Blake did.

Yes, it’s quirky, but it’s also clear this isn’t the easiest list to crack. Chris Wilcox and Jamar Smith never did, and in Smith’s case it is interesting since he ranked second on the team in scoring for the 2004 ACC title team. Eric Hayes has never done it; Bambale Osby never did it. Same goes for Travis Garrison.

But Milbourne has, which allows him to join this list from the last 10 seasons (*-Terence Morris’ career total includes four back-to-backs from the 1998-99 season):

Juan Dixon
143/30-4/1, 2002
Nik Caner-Medley 
83/1-3/9, 2006 (3)
Terence Morris
8*1/6-1/9, 2000
Greivis Vasquez
511/18-27, 2008 (3) 
Drew Nicholas
53/9-3/28, 2003 (5)
Lonny Baxter
512/2-9, 2001 (3)
James Gist
42/28-3/2, 2008
D.J. Strawberry
42/14-18, 2007
John Gilchrist
412/5-1/4, 2004-05 (6) 
Mike Jones
22/28-3/17, 2007 (5)
Chris McCray
211/21-22, 2005
Landon Milbourne
112/7-12, 2008
Ekene Ibekwe111/20-24, 2006
Ryan Randle
112/14-23, 2002
Steve Blake
112/3-8, 2002 (3)
Byron Mouton
112/3-6, 2000
Patrick Stevens