The Washington Times - December 14, 2008, 11:32AM

You know what feels good? Sleeping until 9:30 and feeling absolutely no guilt about it.

That’s sort of the upshot of a mini-lull in the action. It’s not that this week won’t be busy; there’s EagleBank Bowl stuff that will land in this space, as well as some leftovers from Thursday (Maryland football), Friday (Maryland basketball) and Saturday (Georgetown-Memphis) to spread around as well.


But for a few days, anyway, there shouldn’t be too much going on (knock on wood).

There will be some year-in-review stuff coming. The plan is to dust off the rankings from the summer’s college football countdown and see what predictions looked good and (more importantly) which ones were entirely off the mark (here’s looking at you, Rice, though I can’t say I wasn’t warned).

There’s no Maryland football or basketball access all week, so completely new material from College Park will be scarce. But there should be just enough goodies to make things somewhat interesting.

More to come later on a handful of topics…

—- Patrick Stevens