The Washington Times - December 16, 2008, 10:31PM

The plan this week was to look back on some good predictions and some bad predictions from the start of the season.

Well, here is a whole passel of bad predictions, really good teams left floating just outside the top 25.


Boise State at 30. Texas Christian at 27. Alabama at 28 (though I’m not sure anyone else saw the Crimson Tide as being 12-1 good).

Then there’s Penn State at 26, which I dared to suggest wouldn’t beat Ohio State (even in retrospect, understandable) and “probably won’t be at the level of Wisconsin or Illinois.”


This was a downright lousy prediction.

On the bright side, there was a Choose Your Own Adventure segment at the end, during which coach Joe Paterno could receive a contract extension, get pushed out or reveal himself to be a cyborg.

Looks like Penn State chose what was behind Door Number One.

As well it should, since coaches who can cobble together 11-1 seasons —- even in this year’s Big Ten —- must be treasured just as much for their present value as their considerable past accomplishments.

Which leads to one other bad prediction in that entry —- I won’t be reusing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” part next year. Paterno received a three-year deal, so perhaps there won’t be nearly as many questions about whether he’s staying or going in 2009.

Unless, of course, he really is a cyborg. But chances are he’s not.

Instead, he’s just the guy who’s been the coach at Penn State for more than four decades, which in today’s college football is maybe more unbelievable.

—- Patrick Stevens