The Washington Times - December 17, 2008, 10:46AM

That link from the day after this year’s bowl announcement that Maryland fans had purchased 16 tickets for the Humanitarian Bowl is still making the rounds, summoning guffaws from as many people as possible that somehow you could count the number of Maryland supporters making the journey to Boise on your fingers and toes.

Now, I’ve been assured the real number is larger than 16. Exactly what it is, I don’t know. But given the number of people who are willing to fork over cash for a covered seat and a nice parking spot at Byrd Stadium, I suspect a decent fraction of them at least bought some bowl tickets and donated them to a local charity.


So that ticket update will come eventually. But it’s worth looking backward at how the last ACC team that went to Boise fared in the tickets sold department.

That would be Georgia Tech, which according to this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article from April sold 241 tickets for its game on the blue turf last year.

That’s not quite a bar so low you could step over it. But it’s close. And there’s a mention in the article that Miami’s sales were “right in the same ballpark” in 2006.

I just did a little search on Southwest Airlines to see the availability of flights from Baltimore to Boise. All the one-stop flights are sold out for Dec. 26-28, while seats remain the next day. The game, of course, is Dec. 30.

So that bit of anecdotal evidence suggests somebody is going to Boise. Somebodies, in fact, and probably more than 16 of them.

But many, many more? Given those flights still to be had the day before the game, it would seem like a stretch to believe Maryland will do dramatically better in selling tickets for a hard-to-reach venue than the rest of its ACC brethren have this decade.

—- Patrick Stevens