The Washington Times - December 20, 2008, 04:05PM

There are certain elements of Wake Forest‘s major programs that are well-known for being laid back throughout ACC country.

Football coach Jim Grobe and basketball coach Dino Gaudio both operate practices open to the media, and I can tell you my interactions with players from both schools has always been a blast.


There’s almost an element to it much like covering lacrosse, where folks are generally glad to see you come and also willing to poke fun when the time is right.

Anyway, I asked Wake Forest tailback Kevin Harris after his 24-carry, 136-yard performance in today’s 29-19 defeat of Navy in the EagleBank Bowl when he found out from running backs coach Billy Mitchell he would draw the start.

“Coach Mitch told me two or three minutes right before kickoff,” Harris said.

“You don’t read the paper,” Winston-Salem Journal beat writer (and friend of D1scourse —- and just about everyone else for that matter) Dan Collins interjected with a sly grin. “We had it in the paper.”

“I guess they said one or two things in the paper,” Harris conceded. “But how much of that can you believe?”

In this case, it was dead-on —- and portended a career day for Harris, who suddenly looks like a serious backfield option for next season.

—- Patrick Stevens