The Washington Times - December 29, 2008, 09:44AM

BOISE, Idaho —- It’s pretty easy to see why no one says anything bad about Boise (well, except maybe for the cold).

Got into town late yesterday afternoon, at an airport maybe five miles from downtown. Got out of the rental car lot and saw nothing but snow-covered mountains. Absolutely gorgeous.


This place has all the qualities of a fairly small town (in a good way). Wikipedia says the population is just over 200,000, but that seems a little hard to believe. Definitely looking forward to spending the next couple days here.

Actual football-related updates will be sparse, if only because there won’t be any media access today. But there’s probably a snippet or two that I’ll find when I work on two of my final Maryland football stories of 2008 this morning (and maybe a basketball leftover from Saturday as well).

—- Patrick Stevens