The Washington Times - December 3, 2008, 11:25AM

Everyone wants to have these bowl scenarios solidified as quickly as possible, for all sorts of reasons.

Bowls, in general, will take every day they can get to sell tickets and promote their matchup.


Fans, in general, like to make plans quickly and would rather not have airfares to far-away locales jacked up before they have a chance to book flights.

Coaches and players, in general, like to know an opponent so they can start preparing and a destination so they know what enjoyable things await them in their future.

And people such as me who have 7:30 basketball games to cover Sunday evening along with 8:30ish bowl teleconferences like not having to do two things at once.

But it would seem nothing is likely to go down any earlier than early Saturday —- at the absolute earliest.

ACC associate commissioner Michael Kelly —- a man swamped with responsibilities tied to the ACC title game, helping to coordinate the BCS, figuring out where his league’s 10 bowl-bound teams are headed and answering questions about it all from frantically calling and e-mailing media folk —- said in an e-mail this morning that the announcements from Chick-Fil-A (Georgia Tech) and Gator (Clemson) will likely be it for pre-Sunday decisions.

The conference title game could still dislodge some things further down the pecking order. But other factors are in play.

Ball State has not yet agreed to go to the Humanitarian Bowl to possibly play Boise State. But two things absolutely must happen if that matchup is to occur.

One, Ball State has to beat Buffalo on Friday night.

Two, Boise State must be released from BCS consideration —- something that easily might not happen until Sunday.

Three, someone needs to find the ACC an alternate bowl destination to replace Boise.

So, the condensed version is, things are still zany. And answers probably won’t be forthcoming for a few days.

Even though most people would really, really, really like to have them a lot sooner.

Myself included.

—- Patrick Stevens