The Washington Times - December 4, 2008, 10:45AM

It’s the end of the line for the regular season.

Just Saturday’s ACC title game in Tampa remains, though there will be some bowl predictions coming later in the month.


But for now, it’s time to think about a rematch of last year’s conference championship.

This, by the way, is the fourth time in less than 14 months that Boston College and Virginia Tech will meet. If this was getting the silly level hype of an NFC East game (Washington and Dallas ONLY play twice a season, after all), my head would probably hurt by now.

But it’s not, so my head hurts for other reasons.

Anyway, I’ve had the luxury of seeing both Boston College and Virginia Tech trot out defenses that easily handled Maryland on their respective home fields in the last month.

For Virginia Tech, it might have been the best all-around game of the season. For Boston College, the overall performance was just about right in line with the last month or so.

Since drilling Maryland, the Hokies have lost to Miami (in an ugly all-around Thursday night game), then squeaked by Duke and Virginia. In none of those games did they crack the 20-point mark.

Boston College, which is no offensive juggernaut, is creating far too many scoring opportunities on defense to ignore. It’s what the Eagles do, plain and simple, and it’s surpassed the point where it’s simply dumb luck.

So look for Boston College to collect an unsightly 17-13  victory on Saturday, thus ensuring a spot in the Orange Bowl (likely opposite Cincinnati).

Last week’s record: 6-2 (4-0 conference games)
Season record: 64-32 (28-20 conference)
Preseason picks record: 59-35 (27-21 conference)

—- Patrick Stevens