The Washington Times - December 5, 2008, 11:05AM

Um, wasn’t Louisville good not that long ago?

Just a question that comes to mind after Rutgers’ Mike Teel carved up the Cardinals last night, and in the process denied the ‘Ville a chance to play in an at-large bowl game of its or someone else’s choosing.


It also leaves 72 bowl-eligible teams, with only one school on the fence. That would be Arizona State, proud current home to football mercenary Dennis Erickson. The Sun Devils must defeat Arizona tomorrow to collect their sixth victory.

The major story line with the bowls is that even though there are now 34 of them, there are still enough teams to fill them out. That’s with a few 6-6 programs left to sit at home not practicing in the cold, spending Christmas in a hotel and possibly finishing with a losing record. Maybe even as many as five, if Arizona State is victorious.

This should not be an invitation for more postseason games. Just because there were 71 bowl-eligible teams last year and 72 (or 73) this year, it doesn’t mean it will always be the case.

But the bright side for the bowl system is the trainwreck of not having enough eligible teams hasn’t unfolded. Yet.

—- Patrick Stevens