The Washington Times - December 5, 2008, 07:50PM

Chris Cosh‘s departure to Kansas State means Ralph Friedgen will have to go searching for the third defensive coordinator of his tenure at Maryland.

Or maybe it will be his fourth.


Yes, Cosh followed Gary Blackney, who spent five seasons at Maryland before retiring (and later resurfacing close to his Florida home at UCF). So that would logically mean the man who has that job next year will be DC III under the Fridge.

But someone has to fill that job in the next month as Maryland prepares to play someone (probably Nevada in the Humanitarian Bowl). In fact, someone has to be the special teams coordinator, too, since Danny Pearman is joining Dabo Swinney down at Clemson.

Cosh is gone and Dave Sollazzo has recruiting coordinating to take care of. By the process of elimination, that leaves Al Seamonson and Kevin Lempa as the likely candidates to act as defensive coordinator for the bowl.

Maybe it will be an extended audition for one of those guys. We probably won’t get a chance to talk to Friedgen until Sunday night when the bowl selection is finalized.

One possible way to at least fill those staff spots that are now open are to temporarily elevate graduate assistants into larger roles before hiring new assistants.

Again, chances are this won’t shake out for a few days. But if nothing else, Cosh’s decision to depart makes the next month much more interesting than it figured to be before this afternoon’s events.

—- Patrick Stevens