The Washington Times - December 7, 2008, 10:35PM

Braxton Dupree didn’t play at all Wednesday against Michigan after missing a class earlier in the week.

Then it took until a minute remained tonight for him to approach the scorers’ table at Verizon Center.


It was late in Maryland’s 76-53 drubbing of George Washington before the sophomore checked in

“It’s not little league,” coach Gary Williams said. “Everybody doesn’t get an inning. You have to prove yourself and get out there and play in practice. I fully expect Braxton to be a very important part of our team, but right now in this period, Dino [Gregory]’s playing well, Jerome Burney played well tonight. Dave Neal played well the last few games. You have to fight for your minutes.”

So, the cliff notes version of Dupree’s last seven days: He didn’t play Wednesday because of a poor choice. He barely played tonight because he isn’t playing well in practice.

Williams, meanwhile, bristled when he was asked if tonight represented a carry-over from Wednesday.

“Why is it a discipline thing,” Williams asked. “You look down any team’s bench and eight guys are sitting there.”

For now, it looks like Dupree will be one of them at least in the short term.

—- Patrick Stevens