The Washington Times - December 8, 2008, 07:18PM

As if I didn’t spend enough time at Verizon Center last night, I’m back for tonight’s Georgetown-Savannah State contest.

Now, I’m all for bonus basketball. But this might be just a bit much, even if it is in an emergency, pinch-hitting role.


So buckle up for some Hoya blogging tonight. Jack the Bulldog just walked by, and something tells me that could be one of the top five highlights of the night.

But for now, the lineups. No. 19 Georgetown is trotting its usual starting five:

G-4-Chris Wright
G-21-Jessie Sapp
G-15-Austin Freeman
F-3-DaJuan Summers
C-10-Greg Monroe

As for Savannah State (5-3), here’s what Hoya alum Horace Broadnax is going with:

G-5-Raye Bailey
G-13-Anthony Jones
G-20-Jovonni Shuler
F-24-Chris Linton
F-22-Rashad Hassan

OK, Jack the Bulldog just walked by again. That’s two of the top five highlights for the night, I’m betting.

More to come later from the Phone Booth.

—- Patrick Stevens