The Washington Times - December 8, 2008, 04:31PM

Greivis Vasquez left last night’s game with 4:03 remaining, replaced by Cliff Tucker when George Washington call timeout.

(It was an amusing stoppage of play, too, since the pleas of “Foul him, FOUL HIM. … Timeout” could be heard easily from the press area before the clock stopped).


Anyway, Vasquez didn’t return. But it’s not like he didn’t want to.

“He said he didn’t get any applause when he came out of the game,” coach Gary Williams said. “He wanted to be put back in. I told him I’d get him a record with some applause on it.”

First of all, if your sporting world IQ was 0, you’d still know Gary Williams was at least 55 years old because of any comment involving the word “record” as it relates to a recording medium.

Second, I wonder where you’d find such a thing. Maybe it would just come from a sitcom laugh track. Better still, maybe you just have to call up Ralph Friedgen and find out where he acquired his “crowd noise” that sounds nothing like crowd noise. That seems like a good place to find recorded applause.

—- Patrick Stevens