The Washington Times - December 8, 2008, 11:41AM

Just got done a post about Navy’s rematch history when it occurred to me Wake Forest —- the Mids’ opponent in the Dec. 20 EagleBank Bowl —- probably doesn’t see teams twice in a season very often.

That turned out to be a correct assumption, though this isn’t Wake’s first bowl rematch. Back in 1945, the Demon Deacons played South Carolina in the Gator Bowl —- less than two months after a regular-season meeting in Charlotte.


Here’s the full rundown, with two quick notes. Some of the 19th century rematches included spring meetings, which is sort of interesting. It’s also important to remember Wake Forest used to be located in Wake Forest, which is not far from Raleigh and Durham.

So back in the days when horseless carriages (let alone airplanes) were a dream rather than a gasoline-guzzling reality, playing a bunch of nearby schools made even more sense than it does today.

1945 (South Carolina)

Nov. 22: Tied 13-13 (Charlotte)
Jan. 1: Wake 26-14 (Gator Bowl)

1914 (North Carolina)

Date unknown: Carolina 53-0
Nov. 14: Carolina 12-7

1913 (North Carolina)

Sept. 27: Carolina 7-0
Nov. 15: Carolina 29-0

1908 (N.C. State)

Sept. 30: A&M (as it was then called) 76-0
Nov. 21: A&M 25-0

1889-90 (Duke)

Nov. 27: Trinity (as it was then called) 8-4
March 29: Wake 32-0

1889-90 (North Carolina)

Nov. 22: Wake 18-8
March 1: Carolina 33-0

—- Patrick Stevens