The Washington Times - February 25, 2008, 06:40PM
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Len Rosenbluth North Carolina Wake Forest
First, I constructed my teams strictly by position.\ \ \ The best six players of the era are the forwards and centers on my teams. But I was interested in finding out who the best guards of the era were.\ \ \ The reason there was such a disparity between inside players and guards back then is because there were so many missed shots. That means there was little chance to accumulate assists, which weren’t even kept, and there was an abundance of rebounds to be had. Hemric, for example, averaged 17.3 for his career.\ \ \ I went with Chappell and Cunningham at forward on my first team instead of Heyman and Rosenbluth, even though the latter were consensus national players of the year. But that was mostly because they played on better teams. In the end, I obeyed my statistical analysis.\ \ \ Shavlik is the grandfather of Duke bust Shavlik Randolph.\ \ \ It’s a close call between Case and Bubas for coach. Case helped put N.C. State on probation for some of the era, but his overall impact as the “Father of ACC basketball” gave him the edge. \
Patrick Stevens