The Washington Times - July 20, 2008, 07:48AM

GREENSBORO, Ga. —- Money’s tight in a lot of places. And there’s no reason to ignore the fact that’s especially true in the newspaper industry.

So there is an effort effort being made to save a little money on this weekend’s trip to the ACC football media days down here roughly 90 miles east of Atlanta.


The event itself is going on over at the Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation. That’s where the players, coaches (well, the coaches that don’t have lake houses down here) and much of the media is staying.

Me? Well, let’s just say a chain that has a title on the main page of its website of “Discount Hotels and Budget Hotels.”

After getting a good look at both places last night, I can promise this about my affordable and functional (yet cramped and no-frills) room: It ain’t the Ritz.

But besides this entry, that’s where nearly all of this excursion’s blogging will emanate from.

So expect that to start in another hour or so —- the beginning of a crammed day of player interviews, filing for the dead tree edition and plenty of insight from a posh resort as the 2008 college football season (for ACC purposes, anyway) semi-officially gets underway.

—- Patrick Stevens