The Washington Times - July 21, 2008, 07:38PM

A quick update before I run off for my first full meal of the day …

Talked with Maryland‘s Ralph Friedgen about some nitty-gritty stuff. Some of it was already reasonably well known and was worth confirming. Other stuff was a matter of getting everything lined up right.


* As expected, Cody Blue and Eteyen Edet are going to prep school, and Zach Kerr will likely go to prep school as well.

* With those three guys out of the mix, it puts Maryland at 85 scholarships.

This led to a humorous exchange as I thought through the numbers. My unofficial numbers would have put Maryland at 84 scholarships at that juncture. And my unofficial numbers happen to be wrong.

Apparently, it’s 85 on the button right now. So that leaves me another project.

“My numbers are correct,” Ralph assured me with a smile.

“Oh, I know your numbers are correct,” I replied. “I’m trying to figure out where mine are wrong.”

Good times. It really is football season again.

* Tight end Drew Gloster is academically ineligible, but remains on scholarship. Ralph said, basically, that it is possible but unlikely Gloster would be dismissed before the start of the season. Consider it a guy worth tracking in camp for not the best of reasons.

* If a scholarship opens up, you can bet it’s going to Olugbemi Otulaja. The senior nose tackle is slated to start this season, and he earned nothing but praise from Maryland’s reps here this week.

“He’s strong as an ox,” Jeremy Navarre said.

“Bemi the Beast,” Edwin Williams said.

“He’s like a block,” Friedgen said of the 6-foot, 285-pounder who began his career at Marist.

Expect to read a bit more about him once camp begins.

More coming in the morning. But for now, some much-needed food beckons.

—- Patrick Stevens